attractive laundry hampers

There is one item in the house that accumulates so fast – the laundry. If your dirty clothes stay in the bedroom until their trip to the laundry area and you don’t have a laundry hamper, it may not be a pretty sight. Laundry hampers are one of the most practical and best organizing tools […]

Washer problems

“Why my washing machine isn’t spinning” is probably one of the most common laundry-related questions. There are plenty of reasons why your washer won’t spin, but oftentimes, most of the problems that usually happen are user-generated errors. First of all, let’s start with some of the washing machine spin myths. Let’s make some things clear […]

Chocolate stain

Oops! Your kid spilled fruit juice on his new shirt. What every parent knows is that most stains can be removed with a rinse-and-wash process in the washing machine, but some common kid stains can be stubborn and are difficult for removing. Let’s be honest – kids can really be messy. Whether it’s ketchup stains […]

Top load agitator

Your machine has probably washed your clothing hundreds of time, but have you wondered how does this appliance work? We have already discussed about whether you should opt for top load or front load washing machine. Now, those who are planning to buy a top loader have one question on mind: agitator or no agitator? […]

without a dryer

Imagine these scenarios: Bathroom floor flooded with water, the point drainage clogged with something the kids played with. You can certainly deal with that. It’s a piece of cake to you. The freezer acted up on you a day after you have stock up on meat and fish. The solution? Some kind of an epic […]

front or top

If you’re planning to buy a new washing machine, you will eventually come at the stage where you have to choose between a front load and top load washing machine. In the past, washing machines only had a few features: control dial for different cycle options, load size and drier. Nowadays, washers are anything but […]

laundry room

The laundry room used to be in or near the garage, in the basement or in some cases, a separate shed that is a few steps from the house. These days, it has become a contender for the best room in the house. And why not? If it is among the busiest, most utilized rooms […]

Polyester fabric

Lately, more and more people are way too busy to do any washing themselves. That’s why they use dry cleaning services for doing their laundry. However, cleaning your clothes by yourself is not complicated at all. As a matter of fact, it can be an interesting and fun experience. We already told you how to […]

Shrunk clothes

I believe we all have experienced the horror of washing your favorite shirt only to have it look like hip fashion trend for preschoolers. Can you repair your shrunk shirt? I’m afraid not. But hey, you can prevent shrinking from happening. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a saying we […]

vinegar in laundry

To most of us, vinegar is a kitchen staple used mainly for cooking. But in addition to that, it has many other purposes in our day to day lives. It is also an all-natural, toxic-free cleaning agent that is useful in many ways to clean, remove carpet stains and odors, restore luster in bathroom tiles […]