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First of all – Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! I do my best to keep up with the trends and provide you with the latest and most quality information on everything that has something to do with washers and as you can see, especially washer dryer combos.

These machines are a perfect compact solution as they combine a regular washer and a dryer into one appliance, which requires less water and energy in comparison to using separate units.

The need to wash clothes has always been here and thanks to the creative mind of people who have that in their nature, new and new ways of simplifying and automating this daily routine come to the light. In fact, not too long ago, people had to do the laundering of clothes by hand at rivers and streams. When it comes to the drying phase, the most effective and used option is to simply let it dry by itself.

It is the fast way of life and higher need for comfort and flexibility that combos have started to play a very significant role in our society. When it comes to modern electronic devices, I know how hard it is to make the right choice and that is the main reason why I’m running this website. I do all the hard work of comparing individual models for you and keep you updated on what is currently the best rated combo, which you can always see in the upper right corner.

I try to do my best to write my reviews in the most comprehensive and clear way so that you have all the information you need to correctly and quickly understand individual models and their specifications.  My reviews always include an introduction to the respective model, specifications, pros and cons, and a video from youtube having an owner of the model explaining its features and how he is satisfied with it (sometimes I cannot find an appropriate video on the internet, so I just add some pictures instead).

I will be very happy if you find my website useful, but there is always something I can do better. That’s why I’m open to any of your suggestions and advices that you think might be useful to you and other visitors.