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The Best Washer and Dryer in One

Are you in a time where you find yourself thinking about which is the best combo unit on the market today? Look no further as you’ve just found the most quality and comprehensive website on this topic.

I’ve been helping people find the most suitable washer and dryer in one machines based on specific requirements for the last few years and thus I can truly say, I’ve got lots of experiences when it comes to these practical appliances.

Which one from the TOP12 on my website you should buy? From my years of experience it’s very clear:

  1. Families of up to 3 members should buy the LG WM3488HW.
  2. For larger families I’d really recommend buying the bigger version as you also need to take into account that the drum has to be just around 90% loaded to make sure that the drying cycle is as efficient as possible. That’s why if you are a family of 4 and more members go ahead and buy the model LG WM3997HWA.

You might have seen some cheaper washer dryer combos on the market but from what I have seen over the past 6 years that I’m moving in this area of home appliances, the cheaper units are not worth it from one or the other reason. To make the long story short, these 2 LG combos are simply superior to the rest in every aspect I can think of. Plus their design is just awesome and very luxury looking!

That’s it. I really hope I could save you some time and that you find my website useful.