LG WM3488HW (successor of old models WM3455HW and WM3477HW )

RANK #1:
WM3488HWH-detailWhat I like about LG is that they always try to listen to their users and then simply go ahead and provide a new and always better version of their appliances. It is not any different with this magnificent and time proven reliable series of washer dryer combos. LG WM3488HW is already the third improved model within a few years and gets always better with new features.

The user reviews are great again also for this model and probably the biggest differences of this one vs. the previous model WM3477HW are:

  • a touch screen
  • improved wash and dry programs
  • 2 new soil level settings
  • improved minor details based on user suggestions
  • NFC Tag On Technology – connection with smartphones

Below are the complete details.


Dimensions (WxHxD): 24” x 33 1/2” x 25 1/4”
Weight: 156 lb.
Capacity (cu.ft.): DOE 2.3 (Wash: 15 lb, Dry: 10 lb)
Drying System: Ventless Condensing
Number of Wash Programs: 14
Number of Dry Programs: 5
  • 6Motion™ Technology – combines up to 6 different wash motions to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience.
  • Touch LED Display – NEW feature to make things even easier.
  • Dial-A-Cycle™ – allows to easily find the right setting every time.
  • SenseClean™ System – sets the water level and wash time automatically, based on the weight and size of each load.
  • Above-average capacity – 2.3 cu.ft.
  • Anti-wrinkle system – prevents forming wrinkles.
  • Sensor Dry – multiple sensors evaluate when to stop drying, based on how much moisture is present. This sensor is great for your clothing and energy efficiency.
  • LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation and TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System- reduces noise and vibration.  When the washer senses that the load in the drum becomes uneven, it relaxes the drum adequately to allow the load even out itself.
  • Ventless Condensing – you don’t need any external venting to dry your clothes.
  • Child Lock – a safety feature so that you children cannot open it.
  • Delay Wash – you can easily preset start time of the program you want to run within the range of 19 hours.
  • No Water Reservoir – the water drains out automatically through the same hose that is used to drain water during the wash cycle.
  • Other: End of Cycle Beeper, Auto Suds Removal, Forced Drain System, Status Indicator(s), Internal Water Heater, Lint/coin filter (the small panel door on front lower right when looking at the picture)…
  • Manual Dry Times: 120, 60, 30 minutes
  • NFC Tag On Technology: NFC connectivity that allows users to pair up their smartphones to subsequently download extra programmes to add to the ones that are already available on the machines.
Spin Speed (Max): Extra High (1,400 max.), High, Medium, Low, No Spin
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor, 10 Years Motor, Lifetime on Drum
Wash Programs: Cotton/Normal, Bulky/Large, Baby Wear, Perm. Press, Delicates, Hand Wash/Wool, Speed Wash, Tub Clean, Sanitary, Heavy Duty, Drain+Spin, Wash+Dry, Sports Wear, Downloaded Course
Dry Programs: More Dry, Normal Dry, Damp Dry, Low Temp Dry
Wash/Rinse Temps: Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, Tap Cold (All Cold Rinses)
Options: Prewash, Rinse+Spin, Delay Wash(Time Delay), Water Plus, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, Signal (Beeper) On/Off, Steam, Custom PGM, PGM Save
Tray Dispenser: 4 Tray Dispenser: Prewash, Main Wash (with liquid detergent cup), Bleach, Fabric Softener
Materials: Drum: NeveRust™ Stainless Steel, Cabinet: Painted Steel, Control Panel: Plastic, Top Plate: LPM Board, Door Rim: Glass/Chrome, Door Cover: Black Tinted Cover, Door Opening: 13.8″
Color: White
Ratings Electrical Requirements: Runs on standard voltage electricity (UL Listed /120V, 60Hz, 10Amps) – uses the standard 115-120 volt, 15-20 amp wiring.
Pros and Cons:
  • Well-designed unit with a stylish and luxury look now with a great touche led screen.
  • Great performance, features and energy efficiency – saves money on your electric bill.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • It’s very quiet. Should be mounted on a solid flat floor or vibration isolation pads to solve any vibration issues.
  • Excellent capacity for the overall size of the machine. Just to compare, it washes the same amount of clothes as the typical smaller commercial machine you find at a New York City laundromat.
  • If half loaded, it takes just 1 hour for clothes to wash and dry and just 1.5 hour for jackets and heavy wool items.
  • The clothes that come out feel great. They are soft without using fabric softener and clean with a minimum of soap.
  • It’s ventless and uses condensation to make the vapor release its moisture and be pumped out along with cold water used for this purpose.
  • Uses very little water (70% less water).
  • You can interrupt the program at any time, change any setting or open the door, and then resume.
  • Plays a nice little melody tune after the cycle has finished instead of the typical annoying beeping or loud buzzes. The melody can be turned off to have no signalling at the end.
  • No negatives other than the common ones below.
Negatives common to all combos:
  • There is no exterior lint trap for the dryer. The lint tends to collect around the rubber seal and you have to empty that once a month depending on the frequency of use.
  • The clothes need to be free to tumble in order to dry completely. Fill only half of the drum if you’re going to use the dry function.
  • Noisy water pump that expels the water from the machine – although active only intermittently during the wash and rinse cycle.
  • Produces a bit of heat.
Design: 9/10   Capacity: 9/10
Features: 10/10   Wash & Dry Programs: 10/10
Money Savings: 10/10   Quiet: 9/10
Quality of Wash: 10/10   Quality of Dry: 10/10
Affordable: 7/10   Reliability: 9/10
Total Score: 93
Reviews and Prices:
Here you can find and compare user comments and prices from different online stores. Just a small advice – if you find a lot of positive reviews and some negative ones, it usually means that the complaining people don’t use the machine properly, or received some defective piece.
Online Store Price Link
Amazon (white) w/ FREE SHIPPING now only: $1,379 Purchase
Amazon (silver) w/ FREE SHIPPING now only: $1,479 Purchase

Conclusion: This model is a little bit smaller than the huge LG WM3997HW, but provides the same performance and efficiency and is so far the best washer dryer combo I’d recommend to buy. Plus it has a touch screen.

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