Summit SPWD2201SS (Successor of older SPWD1800)

RANK #10:

Summit SPWD2201SS belongs to washer dryer combos with a very appealing and modern design in white color. Good and cheap alternative to the more popular and better performing LG units. As you can already tell based on my previous comments on combos, I really like this design as it has a nice big LCD display. This is a must when it comes to my preference. Actually the design overall looks very modern and cool – it’s practically the same as the Haier HWD1600. Unfortunately, the problem with this combo is that I found a number of negative comments and reviews so that’s why I didn’t put this machine higher in the rank. But let’s look at it’s features closer, shall we?


Dimensions (WxHxD): 23.38″ x 33.63″ x 23.5″
Weight: 196 lbs.
Capacity (cu.ft.): DOE 1.8
Drying System: Ventless Condensing
Number of Wash Programs: 6
Number of Dry Programs: 4


Features: Delay start option, Extra Rinse option, Prewash setting, Child lock, Power-off memory function
Spin Speed (Max): 1000 RPM
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Wash Programs: Select Cotton, Synthetic, Wool, Silk, Quick, or Sport for the most appropriate wash.
Dry Programs: Rinse, Spin, Normal Dry, Drain
Tray Dispenser: 3 – Prewash, regular detergent, and fabric softener.
Materials: Drum: Stainless Steel, Cabinet: Painted Steel, Control Panel: Plastic, Top Plate: LPM Board, Door Rim: Chrome with Silver Edge
Color: White
Ratings Electrical Requirements: Standard voltage electricity (115V 60 Hz 15 amp)
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video review for this model of the washer dryer combo.
Pros and Cons:
  • Nice modern design.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • It’s ventless and uses condensation to make the vapour release its moisture and be pumped out along with cold water used for this purpose.
  • Uses little water.
  • Too long to wash and dry – over 3.5 – 5 hours
Negatives common to all combos:
  • There is no exterior lint trap for the dryer. The lint tends to collect around the rubber seal and you have to empty that once a month depending on the frequency of use.
  • The clothes need to be free to tumble in order to dry completely. Fill only half of the drum if you’re going to use the dry function.
  • Noisy water pump that expels the water from the machine – although active only intermittently during the wash and rinse cycle.
  • Produces a bit of heat.
Design: 7/10   Capacity: 6/10
Features: 6/10   Wash & Dry Programs: 6/10
Money Savings: 7/10   Quiet: 6/10
Quality of Wash: 7/10   Quality of Dry: 7/10
Affordable: 8/10   Reliability: 7/10
Total Score: 67
Reviews and Prices:
Here you can find and compare user comments and prices from different online stores. Just a small advice – if you find a lot of positive reviews and some negative ones, it usually means that the complaining people don’t use the machine properly, or received some defective piece.
Online Store Price Link
Amazon $1,219 SOLD OUT
Compact Appliance (Silver) $1,365.00 $1,225.00 Purchase
Cool Runninghs $1,499 SOLD OUT

Conclusion: The best things about this washer dryer combo are the small size, modern design and low price. It’s a lot better than it’s predecessor SPWD1800 and the design is even more attractive.


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