Midea MFL70 D1211S and EdgeStar CWD1510W

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edgestar-mideaIf you’ve never heard about the company named Midea, don’t worry, me neither. The reason I started to be interested in some more information was that I found they make a really quality washer dryer combo. At least this is what all the user comments I found say about this actual model: Midea MFL70 D1211S.

After a little bit more searching I found that it is actually a re-branded version of EdgeStar CWD1510W combo and the only real change is the logo on the front panel.  They even share the high satisfaction level of their customers. So here comes  a review that covers both of them at the same time. However, in the Image section you can find images for both models. The difference between the two models is:

  • EdgeStar products have a great U.S. based support.
  • The EdgeStar is available in the silver version.


Dimensions (WxHxD): 23 7/16” x 33 7/16” x 23 1/2″
Weight: 178.6 lb.
Capacity (cu.ft.): DOE 2.0 (Wash: 13 lb, Dry: 8 lb)
Drying System: Ventless Condensing
Number of Wash Programs: 12
Number of Dry Programs: 3
  • Add garment – easy way to pause the cycle, add more clothes to the drum and continue.
  • My Cycle – save your most used cycle settings to a quick “one button launch”.
  • Delay Start – set the time when you’d like your cycle to begin.
  • Anti Foam Control – prevents excessive foam build up.
  • Auto Balance System – automatically repositions the load and adjusts the speed.
  • Memory Of Power Interrupt – in case of a power outage, it only takes to push the START button to continue your cycle where it stopped.
  • FastDry – forced cyclonic airflow technology.


  • Unique textured workspace top
  • Automatic door lock and child lock
  • Overheating Control
  • Overflow Control
  • Easy access coin trap compartment
  • Under-counter installation capable
  • 15 lbs. wash capacity, 7.71 lbs. dry capacity
  • Tub designed to minimize noise and heat radiation
Spin Speed (Max): 1200 RPM
Warranty: 1 year parts & labor; in-home service
Wash Programs: Cotton/Normal, Bulky/Large, Sport, Delicate, Hand Wash/Wool, Baby Wear, Speed Wash, Sanitary (Self-Clean), Rinse&Spin, Spin, Refresh
Dry Programs: Auto Dry Sensor – (FastDry drying technology), Rinse & Spin
Wash/Rinse Temps: Cold, Warm, Hot
Options: Extra rinse, Adjustable spin time (9 min. max) – From 400 RPM all the way to 1200 RPM, Self-clean setting, Adjustable leveling feet
Tray Dispenser: 3 slots: Pre‐wash detergent , Main detergent and bleach, fabric softener
Materials: Drum: stainless-steel, Tub: high-quality polyurethane to keep noise and heat radiation to an absolute minimum, Cabinet: Painted steel, Control Panel: Plastic, Top Plate: scuff-resistant textured workspace, Door Rim: Chrome
Color: White/silver
Ratings Electrical Requirements: Standard voltage electricity (UL Listed /120V, 60Hz, 10Amps) – uses the standard 115-120 volt, 15-20 amp wiring.
Video #1:

(Quick overview of the main features and properties)

The video for the brand by EdgeStar, but the only difference from the Midea model is the logo you can see on the front panel.
Video #2:

(Nice explanation and tutorial on how to easily set up and program the unit for your current load)

Pros and Cons:
  • Exceptional performance, especially the drying function is said to be better in comparison to other combos.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Very quiet thanks to the high-quality polyurethane material the tube is made of.
  • Complete wash together with dry in less than 3 hours.
  • Option to set your favorite cycles in the memory and next time start with just a push of a button.
  • Heats the water for you – you can use just cold water and then tell the unit to heat the water up.
  • Fits a 24” deep closet thanks to it’s dimensions: 23 7/16” x 33 7/16” x 23 1/2″ (WxHxD). If the depth is one of your requirements, this unit is your best choice from my TOP10.
  • Beeping after the wash and dry is finished can be a little inconvenient for some users. Although for me it’s a good feature as I always forget about the clothes inside:).
  • Sometimes the door gets locked for a few minutes because it has a safety rule to wait until the machine is sufficiently cooled down after the use of the dry function.
Negatives common to all combos:
  • There is no exterior lint trap for the dryer. The lint tends to collect around the rubber seal and you have to empty that once a month depending on the frequency of use.
  • The clothes need to be free to tumble in order to dry completely. Fill only half of the drum if you’re going to use the dry function.
  • Noisy water pump that expels the water from the machine – although active only intermittently during the wash and rinse cycle.
  • Produces a bit of heat.
Design: 9/10 Capacity: 8/10
Features: 9/10 Wash & Dry Programs: 9/10
Money Savings: 8/10 Quiet: 9/10
Quality of Wash: 10/10 Quality of Dry: 10/10
Affordable: 9/10 Reliability: 9/10
Total Score: 90 %
Reviews and Prices:
Here you can find and compare user comments and prices from different online stores. Just a small advice – if you find a lot of positive reviews and some negative ones, it usually means that the complaining people don’t use the machine properly, or received some defective piece. I also added a price for a silver style design – EdgeStar CWD1510S.
Model and Online Store Price Link
NEW version EdgeStar CWD1550W – white (Amazon) w/ FREE SHIPPING now only: $899 Purchase
NEW version EdgeStar CWD1550S – silver (Amazon) w/ FREE SHIPPING now only: $949 Purchase

Conclusion: As I already mentioned, these models are practically the same thing and the remake by the Midea company is just a business matter. However based on the advantages of the EdgeStar model I mentioned at the beginning, I would go with this one. BTW. if you ever hear about a combo called Dometic, RCA 2.0 RWD200 or SOLOROCK 24″ SRWD732, know that they’re just another rebranded version. The SOLOROCK rebrand or the LG washers are a good choice for people living in Canada as some of the other washers I review on my site are not available there.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that there is a new version – EdgeStar CWD1550W.

PS: I get a small affiliate commission if you buy something via Amazon through my links on my website.


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