Air drying

Machine Drying vs. Air Drying

Drying your clothes in the right way is as important as washing them in the right way. If you thought that your job is done with the washing, you’re wrong; the drying process is also crucial. Safer drying, shorter drying time and fewer wrinkles are some of the features you’ll learn in the following article….

enjoying laundry

Tips to Make Laundry Day Easy

With most people following a busy schedule nowadays, laundry day could be a dreaded time. If your household is one with several members who change clothes often, the person in charge of the laundry would certainly find it a daunting task. Follow these tips and make your laundry day easy. Follow a fixed schedule. Random…

Too much detergent

5 Common Laundry Mistakes

I don’t know about you, but when I first started doing my laundry, every weekend I was muttering “oh, not again”. There isn’t one single person among us who has never made a laundry mistake. We’ve all had a few due to equipment problems or carelessness. Luckily, most mistakes can be easily fixed. You can…

Freshly folded clean towels

Laundry Tips for Smelly Towels

What’s better way to start your day than a strong morning coffee, shower and a fluffy great-smelling towel? Speaking of great-smelling towels, we all have the sour smelling problem, right? It seems like no matter how often you wash your towels, the sour smell remains. Heat, humidity and dampness are the ingredients that form the…

Powdered/ liquid detergents

Homemade Laundry Soap Made Easy

If you are one of those who would like to find ways to cut costs, then making your own laundry soap is one of them. Not only will you save money, you will also contribute to the promotion of “going green” and help save the planet. Homemade laundry detergents don’t contain harsh chemicals that could…

Washing baby's clothes

Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

As a new parent, keeping your newborn healthy is the number one priority in your life right now. The immune system of your baby is not fully developed, and that’s why babies should not be exposed to bacteria, germs and other microorganisms that can get them sick. What’s the first thing that comes to mind…

Hand Washing - Sink

Hand Washing Your Clothing: Step by Step

There’s one thing we all hate more than the clothing label “dry clean only”. Yes, the “hand wash only” label. How should you do the washing? Should you use soap? If yes, how much? What happens if you make a mistake? Ah, millions of questions. Although hand washing seems complicated, it’s actually pretty straightforward –…

Washer Temperature

Wash Temperature Basics: Hot, Warm or Cold?

Although it sounds simple, washing clothes can sometimes be pretty complicated. Let’s get real for a moment: how many times did you pulled a red or pink shirt out of the washer when only a white shirt went in? My point exactly. Sometimes even the simplest tasks you’ve done plenty of times before can get…

Powder vs Liquid

Powder vs. Liquid Detergent

It’s funny but I believe that almost nobody knows the answer to this question, although it is something so basic in every household. People normally use what they found to be working pretty good over the last years and don’t really stop to think if either of them has any more advantages over the other….

Save Water and Energy

Save Water and Energy!

Nowadays, one of the most important merits big producers in general are trying to attract our attention is focusing on saving operational costs. We can see that in the automobile industry, more and more electro appliances, and what’s important for us – washers and dryers. The way they are able to achieve these savings is…