Air drying

Machine Drying vs. Air Drying

Air drying

Drying your clothes in the right way is as important as washing them in the right way. If you thought that your job is done with the washing, you’re wrong; the drying process is also crucial.

Safer drying, shorter drying time and fewer wrinkles are some of the features you’ll learn in the following article. There are plenty of important things behind the drying process than just hanging your clothes outside or shoving them in the dryer and turning the dryer on. The care labels of every piece of clothing tell what kind of heat is suitable for the fabric. You must stick to the instructions because otherwise, your clothes will become damaged and shrunken.

Is the drying process somehow related to keeping your clothes as good as new? Why of course!

Drying your clothing in the dryer

  • Sorting your clothes by weight and fiber content is of a big importance. Heavier garments usually require more time and heat than light clothing. In order to save time, as well as to use your dryer to the fullest, you need to sort the garments accordingly.
  • Shaking out the clothes before throwing them into the dryer may seem like nothing but a waste of time, but this helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Overloading the dryer will not lead you anywhere. In fact, it will only bring more wrinkles and will increase the drying time. Not to mention it will probably shorten the life of your dryer, and we don’t want that to happen, right? Simply put, overloading your dryer is a big NO.
  • What about the right drying temperature? The temperature depends on the fiber content. For example, some fibers like acrylics and polyester might be damaged if you dry them on too much heat. So, if you’re in doubt and you’re not sure which the right temperature would be for the garments you’re drying, dry them on low heat.

–          High heat for heavy fabrics: jeans, sweats and towels;

–          Medium heat for synthetics;

–          Low heat for workout clothes, lingerie and other delicate items;

–          No heat – air dry for refreshing clothes or fluffing pillows.

  • Don’t forget to hang or fold the clothes right after drying because this way, you’ll ward off all the wrinkles, keeping your garments looking fresh. Moreover, by handing the clothes outside, they’ll dry out completely if there’s water remaining after the drying cycle.
Clothes in dryer
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Air drying

What about air drying? What are the benefits?

  • For starters, you’re saving energy, thus saving money.
  • Your dryer machine will toss the clothes around causing wear, which is not the case with air drying. Air drying is a lot easier on your clothing.
  • Air drying reduces wrinkles. If your clothes are properly hanged for air drying, they will dry wrinkle-free in the right shape.
  • Air drying also eliminates static cling. Air-dried clothes might feel stiff at first, but by adding a liquid fabric softener, your clothes will receive great softness and gentle smell.

So, which drying method will you choose? If you’re using dryer, there are two rules you must follow. First, don’t run your dryer when there’s no one at home, and second, clean your dryer every once in a while to help prevent fire. In case you didn’t know, every year dryers cause nearly 15,000 house fires. If you use air drying, make sure you hang your clothes properly in order to keep them in the right shape.


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