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Hanging Clothes Under the Sun

clothes line

Many women must have blessed the day when washing machines and dryers were first made. They made life easier where cleaning clothes, sheets, towels, denims, jeans, etc. is concerned. Imagine the amount of laundry in a family with up to 6 members or more; to them these machines surely are a tremendous help!

With so many sophisticated washer and dryer combos, indeed laundry has become a lot easier. Compared to how they washed clothes in the early days that involved firewood and copper boilers and a whole day of tedious hand-washing, laundry today is simple as A-B-C.

That said, can you imagine life today without these laundry mates? It’s hard, yes, but surely you’d find a way to get by. Such as when you need to save on energy when times are a bit rough, financially speaking. Or if you happen to live in an area where the weather can be so sunshiny good and you can’t resist experiencing the beauty of seeing your clothes basking in the heat of the sun.


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There are more benefits to this, you see, and let me share them with you.

  • It is more economical.

Sunlight is free! If that is not beneficial on itself alone, I don’t know what is. The only issue to some, maybe, is that “toasted” feel to some fabrics but that is really a minor thing.

  • Clothes smell better.

Because the sun is a natural sanitizer, clothes that are sun-dried smell cleaner and fresher.

  • Natural bleaching agent.

If you like to see your better whites, hang them outside under the sun to dry. Because the sunlight is a natural bleaching agent, expect to see sun-bleached whites go whiter.

For mothers with newborn babies, try taking advantage of the sun’s natural way of getting stains out of baby diapers.

  • Clothes become longer-lasting.

Drying clothes in the machine is faster, that is true but the process makes the clothes weaker that they don’t last as long as opposed to hanging clothes to dry.

  • It makes a good exercise and it’s for free!

Imagine the many times you run from the laundry area to the lawn and the times you bend down, stand up, bend down, stand up as you pick up and hang the clothes – that ought to burn you a good number of calories without realizing it.

  • Clothes are less wrinkled.

Washing clothes is something you have to do even if you don’t like doing it or you’ll run out of fresh clothes. Ironing is another matter. Not everybody has the patience. Hanging clothes outside reduces the wrinkles on clothes and reduced wrinkles means less ironing and less energy consumption.

The benefits of washers and dryers are undeniable but there is still beauty in going back to the basics when the need arises such as hanging clothes outside. When you don’t use your dryer that often and take advantage of the sun every now and then, you consume less electricity and mother earth is sure to thank you for that. Less electric consumption is not only economical but environment-friendly too!




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