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Front Load vs. Top Load Washers

If you’re planning to buy a new washing machine, you will eventually come at the stage where you have to choose between a front load and top load washing machine. In the past, washing machines only had a few features: control dial for different cycle options, load size and drier. Nowadays, washers are anything but simple – they have become sophisticated home appliance.

Today we will tackle a subject that bothers many of you: top load washers vs. front load washers. We all know that the best washing machine is the one that suits your needs, while durability, the tub, load size, water efficiency, energy efficiency, rinse performance and noise level are some of the features you need to consider. But, which option should you choose? Let’s see what are the pros and cons of front and top load washers.

Energy and water sufficiency

It’s not a secret that front load washing machines lead the race regarding energy and water sufficiency. The reason behind this is simple: the structure of front load machines is built in such way to be more sufficient in terms of water and energy. These machines use the gravity force and right and left action in order to do the washing. The problems top loaders had in the past were solved through front loaders. However, we must mention the fact that top loaders are improved a lot. The agitator has been replaced with a bottom wash plate, and thus, the whole washing process is safer and more economical for delicate washes.

So, which loader rules here? Personally, front load washing machines are my favorite. Water conservation is a huge factor, as well as the energy efficiency. Top load washers use about 40 gallons of water in one cycle, meaning you will have to heat that much water. Considering this, it’s no wonder why more and more people choose high-efficiency and eco-friendly front loads.

Dryer methods

The dryer method that is incorporated in front load washers works with a moisture sensor that knows how much time the clothes need to be dried. This way, under drying and over drying is prevented. As for the dryer method in top loaders, spin dryers spin the clothes, and thus, the clothing gets rid of the moisture in order to cut back on sun drying or electric drying time. When looking for a washer/dryer combo, whether it’s a front or top loader, choose combo with a high RPM level because this level defines how fast the spinning will be.

What about cost?

If you’re on a budget, we suggest buying a high efficiency top load washer. However, if you want to get the best out of your machine, you should opt for a front load washer/dryer combo because you’ll get more modern and sophisticated functions. After all, front loads are really a big investment, but don’t you want to experience more benefits?

front and top

Final words

Still undecided about your choice in washer/drier combo? Keep in mind that dealers and manufacturers opt for high-efficiency combos rather than the conventional ones. Top loaders are more popular in the U.S., while European citizens prefer front loaders since they can save space and are stackable.


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