Older machines

Upgrading to New High Speed, High Efficiency Washers & Dryers

Older machines

If you run a laundromat and your machines are fairly old, chances are you will not know the difference that the new high speed washers make. You go, “Oh my machines are working just fine, old as they may be!” That could be true but in any business, competition could always get tough. Might as well be on the lead and wow customers with the new high speed washers.

Here’s why:

  • Your customers will definitely notice the difference. Your machines are better and faster!
  • The benefits work both ways for your customers and for you.
  • High-end washers deliver a better washing job and with significantly less water usage (up to 40%) and reduced energy.
  • Speed washers also do a better job at drying clothes with reduced costs due to lesser amount of gas consumption.
  • Traditional washers use agitation motion as opposed to new high speed washers’ tumbling action which does the cleaning job more effectively.

Wow Your Customers

Your patrons are sure to notice the difference when you switch to the modern washers and dryers that perform better and faster and more effectively. Imagine cleaner clothes that come out of the machine 30% dried out after a cycle in the dryer and at reduced gas consumption. That is definitely a win-win situation. It means shorter time for your customers at the laundromat, less cost for your business because of reduced gas consumption but faster turnaround as more customers are served in a day. Can you hear the cash register going ding-ding?

Another thing, other than performance, that makes a good impression to patrons is the visual appeal that a steaming hot water could create. Modern washers could deliver hot water at 125 degrees, another advantage that comes easy.

Modern washers/dryers
Courtesy of UWW Res Net/Flickr

Business Upgrade to an Advantage

Business is an investment so is upgrading equipments in an already ongoing business. However, 5 to 7 years ago, washing machines were not as sophisticated as the ones emerging in the market today. In that span, your ROI must have already been completed and it is about time that you upgrade and allow your customers to enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art equipments in your laundromat because it goes back to you:

  1. Word will get around that your place is better with excellent washers and dryers that get the job done in shorter time. Knowing how busy most people are, that alone is a great selling point.
  2. They will find that more is less with fewer loads done in larger capacity modern machines. Larger items too can be accommodated by newer, more modern high efficiency washers.
  3. Clothes last longer due to the fact that HE washers are gentler on fabrics but come out cleaner. Whites are whiter while colored items remain vibrant longer.

What’s in it for you?

Because these modern washers consume less water, less energy, less detergent that means more savings as far as operating cost is concerned. Also, compared to conventional washers, HE washers are equipped with noise reduction ability thereby reducing irritating noise in laundromats. This also makes them ideal for home use.

Given the advantages, you are likely to enjoy heavier customer traffic and that is good for the business. Sooner than you think, your investment in upgrading your machines is returned. With less water, energy, power and detergent used in your business you are even actually doing the environment a big favor.


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