compact washer/dryer

Why Buy a Washer and Dryer in One?

compact washer/dryer

People today consider different things when buying a washing machine: the price, size, functionality, energy consumption, etc. The top most consideration is likely to be the size because even if you want the convenience of not having to do the laundry manually, you naturally don’t want a cramped space. The task is easier done when there is enough room to move around. This is why buying a washer and dryer combo is perfect.

  • A means a lot of space saved in the laundry room. Even if you don’t have one, the machine can perfectly fit in the kitchen. Some models may even be placed on top of kitchen counters if floor space is an issue.
  • It also works just like the traditional but separate washer and dryer, meeting your washing and drying needs.
  • Financially speaking, it saves you money because it eliminates the need to buy two separate machines.
  • Combos are so versatile that they can be adaptable and can be used in almost any kind of setting.
  • There are models that don’t require vents. The water may be collected in a condenser unit for later draining. It makes a practical choice for those living in an apartment building.

 washer/dryer combo

What to look for in your combo machine may have to depend on your needs or on the size of your family. This is important especially if you are already thinking of buying one. Keep in mind that it is not only the space you are to think about even if you are already eyeing a particular model.

  • If space is not an issue but the size of the load, then consider a larger size that can accommodate more wash loads. Combo specs will tell you how much they can hold. If still uncertain, you can ask a technician to be sure before making a purchase.
  • Before purchasing the machine, make sure that its size is actually going to fit where you intend to place it.
  • Check out plumbing and outlets in the area where the washer and dryer will be placed and if there are other spots that can accommodate it in that sense in case you need to move it.

With so many available models to choose from, you need not look far and wide to find the perfect combo that will perfectly suit your needs. Leading manufactures offer a wide array of choices with prices ranging from $700 to $1500. Keep in mind three most important things when making a choice.

  1. Wash load and frequency of washing
  2. Operating functions
  3. Budget (for purchase and the succeeding gas or electricity consumption)

So if you are considering getting a washing machine, equip yourself not only with cash to buy it but also with enough information about the available models. See if the one you like is indeed suited and meets all that you have to consider. Lastly, you might want to see some customer reviews and feedback before making that final decision.



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