Commercial Washers and Dryers for Home Use?

Are you already familiar with the advantages of the commercial washers and dryers and just want to directly buy the best one? Here are the best commercial machines I have found so far:

Did you know that commercial washers and dryers are created to endure a lot more than what regular machines can handle? That is precisely why they are mostly found in laundromats because they are large enough to handle a great load and resilient enough to withstand customers’ endless push of buttons as they set their washing and drying time.

But have you considered them for home use? What could be the reasons?

  1. You have a large family with house members more than the standard number of people.
  2. You have extra-active kids (or even adults) at home who change into fresh clothes every 30 minutes or so.
  3. You are a busy person who wants to cut your laundry time so you can attend to more activities or chores.
  4. You want to spend less money on detergent, energy, water and even on repairs.

It might come as good news to you if you are considering commercial washers and dryers for home use – manufacturers are now creating commercial models fit for home use.

You can enjoy the following benefits:

Wash more loads

When you have a large family, you undoubtedly spend so much time washing clothes. Even with a machine, more clothes to wash means more time in the laundry room. With commercial models, you can wash more laundry in lesser time than you would on a regular unit. Match that with a commercial dryer, that is easy wash and dry in half the time.

  • You can wash up to 80 pounds of clothing per load.
  • You can run a single cycle on 4 to 8 regular loads.
  • Heavy linens like towels and blankets are washed better, cleaner and faster.

Spend less on repairs

Initially, you might spend more when you purchase washing machine that is built for commercial use. But because they are meant to heavy duty, you are less likely to suffer headaches on repair expenses. Just be sure to make an excellent buy by making comparisons and reading reviews about the unit you are eyeing for.

Save on energy

Because you can wash larger loads in one wash cycle, you save on energy. In essence, you are doing your planet a good deed. Also, when you save on energy, you are able to save money and that is one great advantage.

As for water consumption, the older models used 4.3 to 12.9 gallons of water/ wash cycle/cubic foot. That amount is reduced to somewhere 3.7 to 7.5 gallons/wash cycle/cubic feet with the newer commercial models of washers.

Enjoy the advantage of agitator free machine

Conventional top load machines generally come with agitator. Commercial washing machines on the other hand are without it hence you can take advantage of evenly washed clothes in a unit that can accommodate more laundry. There are less entangles and tearing as well therefore you can have peace of mind that your delicate fabrics are better protected.

If an endless heavy load of laundry is your day to day problem, consider purchasing a commercial washer and dryer for home use so you can enjoy the benefits that come with it. A good example of commercial-like quality combos for home use are usually the first 4 machines in the TOP10 ranking you can see on this website.


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